My neighborhood – Murgeshpalaya

The are broadly two approaches I take for street photography. first, where I’m stopping by, chatting, interacting & getting to know the person and try to capture the essence of him or her as much as possible, without letting him feel camera conscious. Usually, I consider it as a second stage of photography where one is probably closer to touching the individual. The other approach being, going in the streets and try to capture the activities, moments and try to tie everything together by series of photographs or sometimes, even by single photographs. Not necessary but probability of them capturing the eyes and brain is probably more than touching any person but end up binding together a thematic storyline. Primarily following the second approach, I thought of making a photo story around my neighborhood. I’ll try to capture here the making of the same, in the sense one will see images retained, dropped & probably reconsidered, by trying to edit it as tight as possible to capture the essence of the place. Again, the dominated hypothesis is one should share or upload post completion of the body of work, but here I want to learn with all of you with your valuable feedbacks and hence thought of reevaluating the portfolio as much times as possible till I’m in this neighborhood. The exact place is called, Murgeshpalaya, near old airport bangalore – 17, India… Let’s go for an early morning walk there.. _-11 The place is more known for Total Mall, a perceived budget mall that drives big part of the activitiy there._-2 With only few roaming… _-4Others celebrating overnight dreaming… _ Few already @ work… _-6And few more happy with the leftovers… _-10Leftovers are livelihood for some… _-20Otherwise, there’s always a place at every corner to dump…. _-8But, habit is a decipline for few… _-9Even if their shelters are modern & new.. _-13And now the first God to open doors in our locality…worshipping is their key.._-15And for others, planting “money-plants” can get eveything for free… _-17 Off duty…work life balance kicks off after an overnight action…_-19But water is precious – it’s time for personal collection….. _-25Others decide to use it all & wash roadside sins… _-18And few delivers with single handed professional spin…_-21Somewhere a Son helps his Dad in the queue… _-22We all know this…few get this unlimited.. _-23 And for others things are really limited… _-24But that doesn’t mean less effort…_-26To collect…_-27Carry & deliver… _-30 Hunt & segregate…_-31 And get rid of the unwanted…may be with some stink & smell.._-37And the job seems done’s time to take rest & leave other things for rest… _-32 And now the roads are clean to deliver the white goods…few decide to travel.._-35And few others make others travel… _-33And the options grows bigger here…_-28Even that means taking little path of partnership to reach there….  _-14And have a chat to celebrate the moment… _-12For others, a morning tea is like a heaven…._-34Didn’t we knock their doors? _-29And still we want to build few more…_-38Anyway, at last the budget mall finally getting a budgeted audience…. Waiting for the world to wake up & make the ambience….

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