Daddy – Ooty, India

Lately with the working parents hardly finding much time to spend with their loved ones, spending time with kids is becoming more and more a weekend time-out nowadays. I still remember my childhood days when everyday our parents indulged in quality time with us and me and my brother always used to look forward to those occasions.

We were taught most of the games starting from indoor games to outdoors like football, cricket by our father, but with time we probably got better in terms of the skills. To make us learn those games, he initially used to lose so as to keep us motived but with age and time, we got better. I can’t forget the glint of happiness I saw in his eyes and the smile, yes ‘THE SMILE’ when for the first time, we won a cricket game and it felt as if he won the world cup. Thanks for making us learn so many things. Wish we could again go back in time !!!

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