Dwiraj, a self taught photographer, started photography around late 2009 when the digital technology became more affordable. By profession an analytics professional, Dwiraj is enjoying this journey of vision ‘creation’ and now looking forward to document the life of people through his lens. Having worked in United States for a significant time of his career, Dwiraj returned to India for good to explore India through his lens. Dwiraj took time to time breaks from corporate career to enhance his skills further. Presently based out of Bangalore, Dwiraj is focussing to document street life and culture in Southern India.

Dwiraj can be contacted for

  • Any interesting place/story that can be explored together or by him.
  • Join a trip/assignment/project.
  • Buy a print or license any of the images, please do get in touch with him.

Interviews and Media Coverage:


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