The Cyclist…

After quite some time, I ventured out today morning with my little buddy S90 to check out if I still have it in me to click ‘something’ and actually, came back home with some good images. It is getting nippy now in Bangalore, and it only means I will get the the magic light I seek for my shots during morning and evening hours. Most of the time it drizzles/rains in Bangalore and it does get a bit disappointing so I do not miss an opportunity of capturing shots in natural light, whenever I get it! Well, it doesn’t mean that cloud or rain can’t work as I like clicking in rain as well.

In terms of street photography, I think India is fast gaining to catch up with rest of the world with many talented young people showing very promising work. I’ll probably talk about them some other day as I think one should definitely have a look at them to understand the Indian photo space.

Have a good weekend friends…

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