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Streets – Kolkata, India |

Streets – Kolkata, India

I was thinking about writing few lines this photograph of Rickshaw in the Street of Kolkata and two aspects of it clicked my mind, should I write the aspect of street photography where a photographer use a tricks to overlay parts of multiple subjects to tell a story or should I focus on the Rickshaw itself, which is a symbol of struggle for some to earn their daily breads like the rickshaw pullers serving a necessity or the aristocracy of rickshaw ride in places like time square or other well tourist places where it is more of a luxury, and often considered a sweet romantic ride. Well, both these aspects are very imagination provocative and instead of forcing my views, I want to leave it for you to think of ? Try visualizing…
To add more flavors, I would suggest to add a rainy season to the rickshaw to make the the thoughts much deeper for both necessity and luxury aspects. Enjoy your weekend ride of imagination with cycle rickshaw…

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