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Streets of India

Mumbai Diary

Convergence… Steps…Double Taj…the hotel

Shadow walker..

I have been trying to consolidate all the web presence so that I can spend done more time shooting in streets. So, …

varanasi ghats..father & son..

Shot in the ghats of Varanasi, the sacred ghats where taking a dip at the holy river Ganges or Ganga is considered …

Streets – Bangalore, India

Got it this weekend and very satisfied with the result after many months of hibernation. Hope you like it. Happy weekend.

Children – Indian Railways

Who don’t want a window seat !!! One of the most preferred way to travel in India is trough train, the Indian …

Streets – Kolkata, India

Streets – Kolkata, India

I was thinking about writing few lines this photograph of Rickshaw in the Street of Kolkata and two aspects of it clicked my mind, …

Men – Pondicherry, India.

Men – Pondicherry, India.

It has been a while agin that I went for shooting and hence, I’m again puling a photograph from my archive. Hope …

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