The Chase….

It has been almost 2 months I have been visiting here, primarily due to not managing my time well. But, nevertheless it has been good learning time from the other world of analytics. But, I soon realized something, if I can’t manage time in any one aspect only means I can’t manage time overall as well. I didn’t click any image during these two months but did spend some good time paying attention to finer details of life but without any equipment/camera, and hoping I should be able to capture them someday with equipment as well.
This is an image from archive and I have earlier also posted another image clicked from the similar location. It did happen earlier as well that I ended up clicking multiple good enough shots from the same location but later spend more than required time on deciding which one to pick up, and in other words rejecting the other one. A big part of the thought process being in the fear that others may think I’m not confident of my best image or may even think I may lack the decisioning of a professional. But, thinking again, here I have come to enjoy and I should put the pictures I think makes me feel good about it as well. But, I do acknowledge that the above reasons could be true as well, otherwise why would I wait at a spot to click another image. Must be I’m not happy with the output.
And that’s how even I end up always chasing myself….

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