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My neighborhood – Murgeshpalaya

The are broadly two approaches I take for street photography. first, where I’m stopping by, chatting, interacting & getting to know the …

Twins Sisters…

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. ~Josh Billings  

Streets – Bangalore, India

Got it this weekend and very satisfied with the result after many months of hibernation. Hope you like it. Happy weekend.

Streets – Kolkata, India

Streets – Kolkata, India

I was thinking about writing few lines this photograph of Rickshaw in the Street of Kolkata and two aspects of it clicked my mind, …

Under cover agent….

Under cover agent….

This was shot in the streets of Hong Kong. I found Hong Kong to be the most likable place for street photography. …

Living on the edge..

This was shot in Pondicherry, India near the rocky beach. I understand that the composition is not perfect but I can’t help …

Wait and Watch..

Wait and Watch..

This was taken during strolling in one of the metro stations of Hong Kong. I like the fact that photography is not …

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