The little Ustad…

Ustad means expert in hindi or urdu.
Some of the times it happens that you missed to click a picture perfectly and kept on regretting on why didn’t I do this and that. But, at the same time you don’t like to reject the picture as it is somewhere close to your heart. This one is similar feeling. I wish I could have a little more ground below his feet etc..

It was during one of the early winter morning in the ghats of Varanasi, feeling the serene ambience. Suddenly, something I saw a shadow in the ground and kind of circling around me. When I looked upstairs, it was a kite just above my head passing through the wind making the nostalgic ‘zuuuuuu’ sound. To trace the pilot, I found this little fellow in fully engrossed in ensuring a safe flight for his kite. And I got so much influenced in watching his skills, that did’t bother much to take shot. A little nostalgic moment of my life…

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