Happy Independence Day…

A very special day for all Indians across the globe, and I guess the same holds true for any citizen of a country. It is our 66th Independence day and I do salute all the soldiers of nations, who got this special thing to me.
The feeling goes back to the childhood days and as far as I recall, I learnt about this day before even my birthday. Like most of the children studying in government schools, we use to practice for the parade and more than participating, always looking forward to the packet of sweets that used to get distribute after the parade. Well, in my present world, all these things are luxury, a luxury that I can never buy through any amount of money.
Thanks to a family where so many generations were involved in freedom movement of the country, especially my grandfather (late Sri Atul Krishna Bose) who was a well know freedom fighter from Bihar / Bengal / Jharkhand, India. Every Independence day, we used to visit them early in the morning and join the flag hoisting at our house, followed by our National Anthem and yes, definitely for the sweets. As true for this special day, I think National is the one of the first song I ever learn as well. He used to get many invitations from local organizers from the whole town to join their Independence Day celebrations and often we use to hang around him, holding his hand. He always used to wear Khadi clothes and I have never seen anybody else carrying it so well, even at an age close to 90 years. today, he’s no longer there but I always thank him for so many things that I learnt from him and still feel the presence. I wish, I can ever go back to those past days.
Thank You everybody for getting this moment for us generation. I know, it is probably not in a state that  You all dreamt and that’s a different story altogether. Hope things will get better going forward.

A very happy independence day to all of you.

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